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Let The Layton Barking Lot entertain your dog for the day. With our trained staff, so you will have peace of mind while you are away for the day.

It is recommended to have at least 50 sq. ft. of play area per dog, to avoid overcrowding and stress, our staff to dog ratio is never more than 1:15. Our entire daycare area is covered in specifically designed K-9 Turf, This surface is much better for their paws and joints, and is more sanitary than rubber or hard surfaces. This K-9 Turf also promotes good potty training habits.

Because we realize not everyone works the same schedule or goes out or even on a date during business hours, our daycare hours are anytime…we are here when you need us.

$25.00 Full Day (10 hrs.)

$15.00 Drop and Shop (Less than 5 hrs.)