Tired of a sore back and a wet mess in your home? No more worries the Layton Barking Lot has a solution for you…

We provide shampoo, conditioner, cologne, heated towels, dryers, and brushes. We have 3 sizes of tubs available including our floor height tub for dogs with hip and back problems or really large dogs. $15.00 any dog, any size.

You may also buy our quality shampoo in our specialty store.

Going on vacation is stressful enough by itself. Remove some of that stress by not having to ask a family member or neighbor to watch your loved pet. At the Layton Barking Lot we believe that taking care of your pet, really means taking care of your pet. We don’t charge extra for special dietary needs, or administering medicine, play and waddle time, extra potty breaks, or 24 hr.

Where does your dog sleep in your home at night? If like most dogs he sleeps in your bed or at the foot of your bed in his own bed. When you leave your dog for boarding he already has a level of separation anxiety. Being isolated in a Kennel might increase this level. Try our pack boarding where dogs sleep in a pack in his own bed or one that we provide. And a caregiver spends the night in the area with them.

Let The Layton Barking Lot entertain your dog for the day. With our trained staff, so you will have peace of mind while you are away for the day. It is recommended to have at least 50 sq. ft. of play area per dog, to avoid overcrowding and stress, our staff to dog ratio is never more than 1:15. Our entire daycare area is covered in specifically designed K-9 Turf, This surface is much better for their paws and joints, and is more sanitary than rubber or hard surfaces. This K-9 Turf also promotes good potty training habits.

At The Layton Barking Lot we want you and your pet to have a very personalized and custom grooming experience. No two dogs or cats are alike, so for your first visit you will meet with one of our highly trained and certified groomers, who will go over exactly what service and cut is right for your pet. At this time you can get the price you you will pay. So for your next timely visit all you have to do is drop off, unless you want to make a change, just let us know.

The Bark park is our fun filled 18,000 sq ft indoor dog park. Designed to be a climate controlled turf covered location, where you and your dog can come and play. To help monitor compliance to rules our Barking Lot staff members will always be in the park.