About Us

Who We Are

The Bark park is our fun filled, 18,000 square foot, indoor dog park. Designed to be a climate-controlled, turf covered location, where you and your dog can come and play. To help monitor compliance to rules our Barking Lot staff members will always be in the park.

The park has 25 ft. ceiling to accommodate Frisbees and balls, we also have playground and agility equipment to keep you and your dog entertained. Weather permitting, we can open up our 20-foot-wide overhead door to our ⅓ acre outdoor fully fenced dog park.

Visit us 7 days a week 6am-10pm please check our updated calendar for special events and sporting events closures.



“We provide an experience so amazing that not only will the owners want to leave their pets with us, they will want to stay themselves.”


We believe that a dog wants to be a dog and we want to provide a place where that can happen.


Joe Richardson - CEO

Joe has owned dogs his whole life. He has raised and trained 14 of his personal dogs from 9 breeds and worked for a Greyhound rescue and a Labrador breeder. He has been in management for 34 years and has started 3 successful companies. For over two years He, Janelle and Brooke worked on developing this company to be the ultimate household pet care facility in the world.

Janelle Richardson - President

Janelle brings with her years of customer service experience as well as a background in management of several small businesses. She is has owned dogs her whole life but has a passion for Poodles, Greyhounds and Whippets. Janelle’s first love is working with customers to make sure they have the ultimate experience in our facility. She truly wants us to provide something no one can get anywhere else for their fur baby.

Brooke Gymond - General Manager

Brooke worked as a trained and certified bather and groomer for many years. She is certified as an AKC S.A.F.E. groomer. She is a certified dog trainer with Starmark Academy with specialty training in search and rescue, k9 bite work, scent work, dog sports, assistance training, and basic, advanced, and competitive obedience training.