Who We Are

Something you’ve never seen before

The Layton Barking lot will be an experience and a place where you and your fur baby will want to hang out all the time! We will always provide personal attention and care that will exceed your expectations. One trip to the Layton Barking Lot and you will understand the “Experience” that we speak of.

“We provide an experience so amazing that not only will the owners want to leave their pets with us, they will want to stay themselves.” – Janelle Richardson

We believe in having a true open-door policy. There are web cams throughout our facility. Also, our “Rest area”, which is our 7,000 sq. ft. observation deck, allows you to see our entire boarding, daycare, and “Route 66” indoor dog park.

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Expound your expectations


Going on vacation is stressful enough by itself. Remove some of that stress by not needing to ask family members or neighbors to watch your fur baby. Why stick them at Aunt Ethel’s, when they should be on a vacation themselves. At the Layton Barking Lot, we believe that taking care of your pet, really means taking care of your pet. We don’t charge extra for special dietary needs, or administering medicine, play and cuddle time, extra potty breaks, or 24 hr. Supervision. Any unique quirks or special routines your pet requires to make it’s time away from you more comfortable, simply ask us. We always do our best to accommodate. Unless requested otherwise, all dogs in boarding go to daycare during the day. Boarding is NOT locking your dog up until you come and get them.Learn More »

Pack Boarding

Does your fur-baby sleep with you or another member of the family? Is a crate or a kennel a foreign concept to your best friend? They already have a level of separation anxiety when you go away, why add to it by isolating them in an unfamiliar sleeping situation? We provide an alternative to standard boarding. We fence off an area and actually pay an employee to sleep with the dogs. Each dog in Pack Boarding will have their own bed or they can dog pile each other or even climb in bed with the staff member. Give them the “at home” feeling while they are staying with usLearn More »

Cat Boarding

We have two options for our feline friends. We have over 430 square feet of open free-range playroom for our guests. The alley cat playroom has bridges, swings, shelves, cubbies, nooks and crannies, trees, branches, and hiding spots for them to explore and curl up in. For our less-social guests we have individual suites where they can enjoy privacy and still relax in styleLearn More »

Pocket Pet and Exotics Boarding

Dogs and cats are not the only loved ones that need someplace to stay and someone to love them while you are on vacation. Pocket Pets; hamsters, turtles, fish, etc. have a room with shelves where you bring their own “house” and we watch out for them and feed them. Exotics; parrots, iguanas, potbellied pigs, etc. have 4’x7’ individual suites for their comfort.Learn More »


Let the Layton Barking Lot entertain your dog for the day. With our trained staff, you will have peace of mind while you are away for the day. Your dog’s day will consist of a structured schedule including; play time; puzzle time; sit, stay training; naps; indoor and outdoor; and of course, cuddle time.Learn More »

Wash 'n Wag

Washing your dog at home can be challenging, not to mention, killer on your back. We provide shampoo, conditioner, cologne, heated towels, dryers, and brushes. We have 3 sizes of tubs available including our floor height tub for dogs with hip and back problems or really large dogs. You may also buy our quality shampoo in our specialty store.Learn More »


At the Layton Barking Lot, we want you and your pet to have a very personalized and custom grooming experience. No two dogs or cats are alike, so for your first visit you will meet with one of our highly trained and certified groomers, who will go over exactly what service and cut is right for your pet. At this time, you can get the price you will pay. So, for your next timely visit all you do is drop off, unless you want to make a change, just let us know.Learn More »


We offer a wide variety of group classes from; a class for kids and families who don’t have a dog to teach them how to approach a dog and how to pick the best dog for them, to classes on advanced training and tricks. You can also signup for private lessons and board and train sessions. We also teach pet parents dog CPR, First Aid and Care.Learn More »

Our Facility

The American Veterinary Medical Association recommends that doggy daycares have at least 50 sq. ft. of play area per dog, to avoid overcrowding and stress. This is why our daycare area is almost 11,000 square feet of indoor turf play and over ¼ acre outside.
All areas where dogs will play, or run are covered in artificial turf designed for use with dogs. The turf is on a bed or gravel and sand then on native soil, the turf is self-draining and our custodial crew is always on hand to clean messes as soon as they happen (we do ask that you clean up your dog’s solid waste in the park, then we will do the rest).
We have six sizes of boarding suites to fit the needs of any size dog or a family of dogs in the same suite. All our suites have raised beds so if your dog has an accident in the night, they are not laying in it for hours. Any boarding dogs that have night-time accidents go first to the bathing area for a free bath before they go to daycare.
All food for our boarding pets is prepared by our trained staff in one of two food prep rooms and the bedding and towels are cleaned by our laundry department.
One of our favorite areas is our Pit Stop Observation Deck. This is a place to just hang out with or without your furry friend. We have lounge furniture, books, games, TVs, gym equipment, and a snack bar. There is also a counter you can sit at that overlooks the park so you can watch dogs play or watch the sporting events. The TVs broadcast dog sports, nature shows and dog movies. So, grab a snack, pick a TV or a book, curl up with your best friend and chill for the afternoon or the day.